Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor

Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor


  • 02.24.17

    Thank you for coming to my school. You are amazing I wish I could be you. Hudson

  • 11.16.15

    Thank you so much for comming to South Ripley!!! Also, thanks for giving me the gardfeild drawing!!! You are so inspirational and amazing!!! You are deffiently making a diffrence in peoples life! I am normally pretty down on my self but I have taken "I can't" out of my vocab!!! Thanks agin so much!!! God Bless!!! Makayla Haupricht

  • 08.28.15

    Just seen you at Courtyard Healthcare. You are truly amazing! Very funny!!! Anita

  • 03.24.15

    Saw Brett at Edward Hospital in Naperville,Il. I was so inspired. I read his book in 1 day, could not put it down. I'm looking for your comedy schedule Brett. Please post for us. Karen Meehan. Karen Meehan

  • 08.02.14

    Bret spoke at my junior police academy and I am pretty sure that he was one of the funniest people I have ever met Aspen stamper

  • 08.29.11

    Brett spoke at my son's school last week and he came home so excited. I felt like I was there because my son recited nearly every word to me. He hold me he initially felt sorry for Brett, but his thoughts changed quickly. I believe he used the word "amazing" at least ten times when describing Brett. Thank you for doing what you're doing! It truly is making a difference in people's lives. Lori Fields

  • 05.23.11

    When are you coming back to the Detroit area? I saw you at Mark Ridleys in 09, and I have been telling people how hilarious you are in stand up! Please come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! teresa zimmer

  • 03.21.11

    You came to my school today and you are one of the best motivational speakers I've ever seen. You're amazingly funny and I love your enthusiasm. You're such an inspiration to me and all of my friends. Best wishes!! Rachael

  • 03.13.11

    I was at your thing i forgot whats its called but it was on Friday March 11, 2011 and you asked us to remember what we thought of you when we first saw you...... And i hope you don't mind me telling you what i thought of you when i first saw you was. I thought you needed help alot but then you got on the table and was like wow... lol.... and you started doing all the stuff like throwing the football and basketball and drawling graffeld then i thought of you that your a strong guy and you can do everything if you put your mind to all im saying is your krissy

  • 03.10.11

    OMG!!! This guy is amazing!! He came to my school and talked to us and was very inspirational. He really led me to beleive that I CAN do anything!!! Kate

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