Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor

Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor


  • 01.17.09

    Hey Brett, my brother said he talked to you and he is so impressed with everything you do. I had to look you up. I am a teacher and coach and would love the opportunity to listen to you. I am going to visit with our school, because our students need to hear your story. I hope I can get this to happen. Thanks for touching so many lives. Tom Nuss

  • 01.14.09

    Hey Brett, I just heard you on the bob and tom show today and just wanted to say I enjoyed listening to what you had to say. now when I'm having a bad day at work, I'm just going to think of you and the great outlook you have about not accepting limitations that people feel the need to put on us and break down some of those limitations myself!! Thanks so much. Erynn Leis

  • 01.14.09

    Saw you on the Bob and Tom show, your awesome dude, you have such a wonderful way of looking at life. P.S. you should try wakeboarding I think you would love it. Dan Behling

  • 01.14.09

    You probably don't remember me but I do remember you. I wrestled for Mishawaka Marian H.S. and just watched in amazement when I saw you on the mat. I heard you on Bob and Tom this morning and it seems like you are doing great. Congrats on your success and good luck in the future. You truly are an inspiration. Chuck Hruby

  • 12.20.08

    you are just so assume. If i was born that way i would never do as much as you could do. Keep on scaring people in a funny way. justin park

  • 12.09.08

    Brett you are still so amazing. I am glad to see you still speaking. Let me know when you are in the Logansport area becasue I would love to see you! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!! McCracken

  • 12.07.08

    Brett: I just logged on to your MySpace page and was catching up on what all you have been doing lately. I do that from time to time. All those years of motivational speeches have really given you a great sense of comedy timing. You have come a long way since I first met you back in the late 80's. Your routine is a stitch. I laughed out loud several times. You always were witty, and now, really FUNNY! Just wanted to touch base and tell you how proud I am of you and how I marvel at your persistence and determination. You are truly indescribable! Every time I catch up, I see you are doing something new and exciting. Nothing ever gets you down-you are always right back up and after it...Good for you and go get 'em. I wish only the best for you and Chrisa. Merry Christmas! Your friend always, Shannon Wood, Plainfield Shannon Wood

  • 12.05.08

    Hey there! Keep up the great work. Can't wait for you to come back to Reno and do your show again. Craig Moss

  • 11.29.08

    Thanks so much for coming to Bayside Middle School. It was awesome. It was so cool when you opened that Coke. :) Jennifer

  • 11.28.08

    i first about you on the news then i watched one of your comedy routines on youtube and i laughed so hard i cried. you are an inspiration to people with and people with out disabilities. you have done so much and embraced what you for who you are. i absolutely love you and want you to know that you made me want to be a better person. learn to laugh at life a little more and be thankful for the non materialist things i have in my life. thank you so much. constance keeney

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