Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor

Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor


  • 03.17.09

    It was fun performing with you at The Detroit Comedy Festival. Keep up the great work! John Garrett

  • 03.14.09

    Hey Brett, I work at Summit County MRDD, you were there March 13th, and you are amazing!!! Thank you so much for showing all of us how you are in reality NOT handicap! You should do comedy for sure. You so laid back and done to earth and you make it fun! Your wife is a very lucky lady, and so are you for having a woman like that be by your side! Thank you so much for visiting, hope to see you again soon! Mary Smith

  • 03.13.09

    Hi Brett you are soo cool i really enjoyed when you came to my school and spoke i thought it was AMAZING and then you broke the board and signed it you gave it to my Social Studies Teacher today we had a test and we pasted around the board for good luck we! ha ha my friends and i want to make shirts that have your picture and say "FEAR THE STUB" HAHA you are Great now i can do anything i put my mind to! THANK YOU SO MUCH Sarah

  • 03.13.09

    YOU ARE STILL AWESOME!!! april adkins (morgan)

  • 03.13.09

    Dear Brett, I am a teacher at the North Royalton Middle School. You recently presented at our building and made a tremendous impact on hundreds of our students. They talk about you constantly. To confess, I was the prego teacher that was rather tearful at the end of your presentation because of your spirit, incredible humor and moving words. The reason for my email is to let you know that the autographed karate chopped wood remnant is highly valued in my classroom. The kids pass it around the classroom and touch it before a is our good luck charm or the "I can do it...." mascot in my classroom. I wanted to thank you. You are a definite gift from God and the world is a much brighter place because you are in it. Thanks for the inspiration to believe you can achieve anything. May God bless you- DM Deanna

  • 02.19.09

    You are awsome!!! truly an inspiration hats off to you. best regards Tushar Tushar

  • 02.13.09

    Brett you are amazing,i just saw you today in school, Goshen Middle School! i still cant believe you could accomplish all those things.I also learned that no matter how small or how big, missing parts, anything, you can still do anything like a normal person! Cant wait to see you again 12 year old, Kristen W. Kristen Whitford

  • 02.13.09

    I loved u when u came to Goshen Middle School. You reminded me so much of my daddy I want to see you again. Sincerley, Ali Pickett ali

  • 02.02.09

    You are hilarious and an ispiration. I wish you and yours nothing but happiness and laughter. I would love to see your live show and/or speaches. -spence spence flagg

  • 01.31.09

    Hi Brett!! I loved your comedy show last night at the riverside. I appreciated how funny you are with a clean cut...other guys were shooting down religion but you kept it clean and still brought out the funny! Thanks for all you do, for the strive in your life and for being a wonderful person! Nichole

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