Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor

Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor


  • 04.01.09

    Brett, You have inspired me all my 15 years of my life. I'm glad you moved to our neighbor hood and watched me grow into a young lady. You taught me that anything is possible as long as you make it possible. I know this is strange but when I was in track practice the other day, we where doin one legged wall sits for and minute and I was thinking I cant go any longer and then I remembered your encouraging saying "if you say you cant then your right, you cant" and I told my self you can. Good thing you have taught me that or I would have cost the team a whole extra set of wall sits. Thank you Brett for inspiring my life as you and Chrisa helped me to mature at a early age. love ya! Brea

  • 03.28.09

    how did you get on the motivations speaking tours? I am an every day ordinary person looking for the quality you have but neither the fame you made yourself or difference people look for in a speaker. is it just your life story that gets people or your desire to move people too look at their own lives and say heay if he can so can I. but I struggle with the thought its not your goal to change peoples thoughts but maybe to change yourself. So can I, just an ordinary guy see myself motivating people to see their true self and teach myself to grow into whatever I want to be? thanks Brett motivation

  • 03.28.09

    Why is it you say your not disabled but take the same job that australian guy without arms or legs too? Couldn't you just drive a taxi like the rest of us americans? public speaking is a cool thing to do but maybe because of your difference that gets people to come to watch. Please realy show your strength drive for Nascar or somthing more inspiring. ashamed

  • 03.27.09

    Saw a short film clip of your visit to Hauser Jr High (Hope, IN) on Mar 25. You are the man, sir! Mike

  • 03.25.09

    I'm a member of SCASC, the one who "can go back in the forest now"(the kid in the front row). Haha. Your speaking was very inspirational and your performances were quite amazing. Thanks, hope to see you again. Mitchell

  • 03.23.09

    I am also a member of the SCASC and was privileged enough to get to hear you speak this past Saturday! I have seen many different motivational speakers, but none of them have seemed to get through to me like you did! I am so happy that you have found that you are only handicapped if you choose to be, by allowing the barriers to overcome your capabilities. Thank you so much for speaking with all of us! Everyone really enjoyed it! :) Ashley

  • 03.23.09

    Just found your site. Amazing - inspirational - you are da man ! DaVe

  • 03.22.09

    Hey! I am a member of the SCASC and was at your presentation that you did in SC on Saturday March 21! You are an amazing person and you really showed me that you can do anything you set your mind to and nothing can get in your way except yourself! You are really funny and you really should be a stand up comedian! I enjoyed hearing about your life and that's really cool how you travel the world like that! I look forward to you having your own comedy show on TV! Katie

  • 03.21.09

    You are truly a terrific, most special soul & person. I loved your story about drawing, I can only hope to see you again!!! Niecy

  • 03.20.09

    Brett, I also work at Summit County MRDD and had the honor of meeting you on March 13th. Brother, you blew us all away! I just have one question: WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK? May God grant you every continued success and His many blessings. Ron France

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