Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor

Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor


  • 09.30.09

    hi im from goodrich middle school you are soooooo inspiring and funny!! tnx for comin!!! trea

  • 08.30.09

    Hi Mr. Eastburn, I remember when i was in the fifth grade and you came to talk at our school. I left school that day feeling so inspired and changed. In a way i understood your no handicap message because my dad is missing a leg. I always had a strong sense of perseverance but I'm positive that you are the person that helped me work harder for my dreams. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Gloria

  • 08.16.09

    Hi Brett, You were one of the highlights of the Kiwanis Convention this weekend. I know so many people who would benefit from hearing you speak, if only they would listen. Each one of us have so many strengths but tend to focus on our weaknesses and wonder why those weaknesses are what prevail in our lives. Thank you for being special and for being willing to tell others that they are special too if they believe it is so. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. Pam Smith

  • 08.16.09

    Your sense of purpose, enthusiasm and joy of life are rare qualities. Thanks for sharing it at the Kiwanis convention in San Diego this weekend! Donald Shrank

  • 05.28.09

    Brett, It has been a long time since your pulling my pigtails in classes. I found your business card in THE YUM YUM SHOP while visiting my parents. It is wonderful to see how you are doing on this website. This is incredible to find out that you are a motivational speaker! You truly are one of kind! I would love to see your drawings posted on the website! Hey, we could print some up and sell them in the "Shop" link. Proving your experience to the world that anything is possible is such an amazing thing! Great Job! Robyn S. Robyn Saunders

  • 05.18.09

    Hey Brett, I saw your act at the comedy show at Bella Luna in Middlebury (my band played after the show). I just wanted to say you were EXTREMELY funny, and I wish you the best. Michael

  • 04.26.09

    Brett, you are so cool! I was really inspired by what you said, and you are HILARIOUS! (Oh, and who can forget your awesome drawing skills?) Kati

  • 04.18.09

    hey u were at the sault area middle school u amazed me sooo much that handicaps are really someone that wont try...and I'm amazed that u can throw a basketball football draw and even open a pop can thank you very much to coming to our school amber

  • 04.17.09

    You came to our school today April 17th, I think you were very funny but at the same time you were teaching us that anything is possible. I showed my dad a video of you and we both think your amazing, and you're definitely not like one of the assemblies that you can't wait to be over! Sarah

  • 04.10.09

    You was at Hope Intermediate on the 25th of March i believe. I have seen such a difference in the School since you have been there. My 2 boys who have Autism spectrem Disorder was so amazed at everything you could do. The school and I are looking forward to seeing what is in store for not just my boys but others who see themselves as people who can't do things. Thank you for your inspiration Brett you are truly a amazing person god bless you ! Crystal East

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