Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor

Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor


  • 12.18.09

    Dear Brett: You are one of the funniest inspirational speakers I've seen. I saw you on the Bob and Tom show and I thought you were hilarious. You showed me some things I thought could not be done, but now I believe that those things can be done. Thank you for coming to Spring Lake High School. I hope you have a successful comedy career.Thank You Chris Mills

  • 12.16.09

    Dear Brett: you are a complete inspiration and I enjoyed your speaking today at Spring Lake High School. I think its wonderful that you can motivate others to go out and live life to their full potential. It was an amazing, eye opening experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Amy Johnson

  • 12.16.09

    Dear Brett thanks so much for coming in to Spring Lake High school!! your speech was very motivational yet funny at the same time!!! You are a very TALENTED speaker and comedian :P !! Thank you again for visiting Spring Lake High School! :D ~ Sincerely Tristan Urry Tristan Urry

  • 12.10.09

    Thanks Brett for coming to Caledonia High School. You made everyone's day and made us realize that everyone can do something. We all laughed so hard and inspired us all. Thank you! Chrissy Mohr

  • 11.17.09

    Thanks Brett for coming to Pendleton Heights Middle School. I loved your convo and i hope you come back to preform again! You made my day that day and you made everyone see that having a disability dosn't mean you cant do anything. You made me realize that people like you have very special talents. thanks for making me laugh and i think your hilarious!!! Amanda Sylvester

  • 11.16.09

    Dear Brett, Thank you so much for coming to Pendleton Heights Middle School. You Are Very talented many people cant even do what you do. I think it is inspiring because you did set goals and u achieved them all. Thank You so Much and Im from Pendleton Heights Middle School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ashley Parks

  • 11.11.09

    Hey Brett thank you so much! you are so inspiring and i was just cracking up at all your jokes! you really dont have any boundries for yourself that is something i though everyone had. when i met and saw you i knew you knew what you were talking about. you are an amazing person and i just wanted to say thanks! I am from Pendleton Heights Middle School Emily Callen

  • 11.10.09

    i loved your show today at my school ( Pendleton Heights Middle school ) i really wantd to shake your hand but we had to go so i hope you can come back....i really like you coming today to our school because most people at my school make fun of things or people who dont do stuff right and i dont think that is really nice so i hope with you hear today helped them recionzied what they have been doing for a long time and i hope it can stop from just one day! Thanks :D :) :P :] Jennifer Rasnake

  • 10.26.09

    Hey I'm at school and was showing a few co students your page. They all say HI! Off to class I go. Big E's wife

  • 10.03.09

    that's just amazing how you cann do sooo much.,, Kailey, IN

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