Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor

Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor


  • 08.27.08

    I just wanted to tell you thank you for the awsome presentation you gave at Ionia Intermediate Schools. It is such an awsome thing that you do! Once again thanks for an awsome time! Heather Cooper

  • 08.19.08

    Just wanted to say Hey. We used to be in a program at the hosital in South Bend together when we were kids. I have read a lot about you over the years.You have been an inspiration to me when I need a kick in the butt. P.S. Remember the sandbox with the white sand? Julie Driggers

  • 08.16.08

    you are so great......and when i saw your picture and video I really inspired afan

  • 08.12.08

    Heard you speak at Delta High School on the 11 of Aug. 08. Totally enjoyed your humor and love of life. I too strive to be a stand-up comedian. I call myself, Lunch Lady intrupted. I hope to catch your show some time Blessings, Judy, LLI Judy Larson

  • 07.19.08

    Brett, awesome job! The staff and campers attending the 2008 Indiana State Police Respect For Law Camp really enjoyed listening to your inspirational testimonial. The kids always come away inspired with the understanding there are no limits to what they can achieve. Again, many thanks for making a difference in tomorrows future! Sergeant James Ballard

  • 07.12.08

    I saw you today in Austin, and you have truly changed my life. Thank you. patricia Patricia Montez Howard

  • 07.12.08

    I just came back from an ATPE Convention in Austin and had the opportunity to hear you speak. Wow!! You put a new meaning into the word "disability" by changing it to "ability" just by your persaverance and determination. Thank you! Sherri Ledford

  • 06.23.08

    you are marvelous,amazing.. I am not having any words to say.. Thank you. sai krishnan

  • 06.22.08

    hi brett, my wife and i saw you at snikertz last night in ft.wayne, you were wonderful! you can call yourself the human tripod thank you, with much respect bob bob jesch

  • 06.12.08

    I recently saw a video of your comedy act. I was moved and touched by your humor and your ability. Being an amputee myself (LHD), I know a little about what your daily life is like. Good luck in all future endeavors and keep up the good work. David Klein

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