Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor

Brett and Frank Roche / Comedian, Actor


  • 11.26.08

    I go to Bayside middle school witch is the school that you visited November 26, 2008 and I loved your performance. you should become a comedian because you are very good at it. Also I think that you should be in the comedy central shows. Thanks for coming to our school everyone like you show. frank Lubinski

  • 11.23.08

    I absolutely loved your presentation at snowball this past weekend and I hope you decide to come to the next..all your accomplishments have inspired me to do more things with life that I normally say I can't do. Thank you very much kristen ewing

  • 11.23.08

    Mr Eastburn, you spoke in Igilside Il a few days ago and I just have to say that you really touched my heart and really helped me set more goals in my life. For sports, realtionships,and my future, so i wanted to thank you personally. Jeff Lester

  • 11.20.08

    I go to East Middle School witch is the school you visited November 19th, 2008 and I loved your performance.You should become a comedian because you are so funny I could not stop laughing and when you did that drawing - amazing!You are the greatest Brett. rebekah stringer

  • 11.19.08

    hey i love when u came to eastmiddle school in martinsville indiana and i hope u come back soon for the next year 6th graders!!! makayla

  • 11.16.08

    I went to the same high school as Brett. I am younger then Brett. I had never seen him before until he came back to the high school and talked. It was cool to listen to all he said. When I was in collage my roommate was talking about Brett and how cool it was when he went to there school. When I came home from school, I had a chance talk to Brett. Brent has has help me be a better pool player. I don't play much now, but thanks Brett! Brett, his wife, and a couple of friends and I were on a dart team. Yes, I was surprised he can though darts also. Brett and his wife are some great people. I have seen were Brett has help people feel better who they are, at least rethink things about life. <> Thanks to both of you, Dipert Jason E.Dipert

  • 11.12.08

    Brett you are a amazing person!!!. Please come visit South-Africa our teens need people like you to help them look past the fear. Thank you lovey reading about you. Rita Nightingale

  • 11.05.08

    I've got to say, that was the best presentation at McMinnville High School On NOV 4th. To see with someone with no arms or legs to do all that is inspirational for a lot of people. GREAT JOB!!! 5 STARS!!! Joshua Myatt

  • 11.04.08

    Man you are HILARIOUS! Great job at my highschool in McMinnville Oregon. You are very inspirational and it was a priviledge to meet you. Connor Farrell

  • 10.27.08

    Just wanted to say how disappointed I was to miss your comedy routine last week. Babysitter fell through, if you send out email notices of your Elkhart appearances, please add me tot he list so I can get there next time. My boyfriend wrestled you in high school and has been to your presentations. He speaks very highly of you and I was looking forward to the show! Angie Gingerich

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